Goals for Lake Management Committee

Simpson Lake is a source of tangible and aesthetic enjoyment for the residents of Eagle Landing. It is a significant portion of the value of our properties. In order to maintain these lake assets, the following goals will be addressed by the Eagle Landing Lake Committee. Recommendations based on these goals will be presented to Eagle Landing HOA Board for approval.

  1. Address impediments to navigation in common areas of the lake, including lake side dock access.
  2. Manage physical integrity of the impoundment.
  3. Maintain a healthy, pleasant swimming environment in common areas of lake.
  4. Maintain an enhanced fishery capable of providing a balance between quantity, size, and diversity of species.
  5. Provide environmentally sound oversight of lake flora and fauna.

All strategies and actions recommended by the committee will be based on scientific standards, as defined by the federal, state and industry resources to which we have access.

Survey Eagle Landing 10-2021 PDF