Eagle Landing Lake

Eagle Landing Lake (Simpson Lake) is a private lake for the use and enjoyment of Eagle Landing property owners and their accompanied guests. Lake usage, speed limits and fishing rules are posted at the common boat launch. All lake users and boaters are expected to comply with Texas boating regulations and courtesies as well.

Eagle Landing recycles monofilament fishing line to help our wildlife. If you need to dispose of line, please place it in the recycle bin located near the ramp at our dam.

Fish Harvest Limits
Harvest limits are intended to promote the growth of our fish population and will hopefully provide more opportunities for more residents to catch more fish they will be proud of. If your fish are not within these limits, please return them to the lake. If you catch a trophy size bass, please feel free to weigh and measure it, take some nice pictures, and then return it to the lake.

Here are the current daily harvest limits for our lake:

  • Bass – up to 5 fish, 13” or less in length
  • Crappie – up to 10 fish, 10” or greater in length
  • Bream – up to 10 fish, no size limit
  • Catfish – up to 5 fish, no size limit
  • Bowfin / Gar – please harvest all you catch